B is for Blow job


Some people think a blow job is all about him. Give the man pleasure, with his cock in your mouth and do what you can until he cums. I know different. Take ownership, be in control and you will feel so turned on you can be just as close to orgasm as he is…

Take note of the following and don’t forget its as much about you enjoying it as it is him…

-Hold the base of his cock

-Slowly make your way down with your mouth

-While coming back up to his tip move your hand up (twisting and sucking together)

-Use your hand slowly up and down his shaft while teasing his end with your tongue. Its all about the tease!

-Always keep your hand and his balls wet. Either with your saliva or lubricant. I find there’s only so much saliva I have, as I like to take my time. So try a nice tasting lubricant, I love the Cherry flavoured Durex gel from Superdrug, Suck the whole tub dry… https://bit.ly/2IOpj46





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