A is for Anal….

“Lay on your front and hold your ass cheeks apart, so I can fuck your tight hole.” 



Is what he text me. I got wet, in an instant. Anal sex is that taboo that no one likes to talk about but deep down everybody wants. Unless you’ve felt the deep throbbing of his cock in your tight hole, you don’t know good it is and the truth is, I love it.  

But how do you ask a woman to take it up the arse? How do you politely drop the topic into conversation over afternoon tea. The tip is, don’t complicate it. Start testing the parameters by experimenting during sex. First with your finger, put it in her mouth whilst your going hard at it and make sure its wet and slippery. When grabbing her cheeks and pulling her closer, gently massage the anal hole with your finger- the outside at first. If she doesn’t like it, you will know about it. Either she will move your hand or change position. If she doesn’t, you’re in. Continue to play and gradually penetrate the hole with your finger. She will like it, its naughty, its different, its exciting and it feels fucking good. If she doesn’t like it maybe drop it into conversation the next time you are having an intimate discussion and ask her why. That way you’ll know your parameters. Continue to push your finger deep in the the arse hole whilst fucking and her  orgasm will be out of this world. 

If she cums, you are one step closer to entering the taboo Zone and having your dick inside her hole…But always ask. The next time you have sex place the woman in the doggy position and massage her hips whilst leaning in close to her ear and whispering ‘Can I put it in, not the usual place’…

You will get your answer.

Top Tip*** Double Dipping**

You don’t need any lube if you double dip. Fuck the Vagina, get covered in juice and then penetrate the arse hole. Voila; you just double dipped.

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