I hadn’t planned to get to Jay-Dees so late. I was running against the clock so decided to grab my fish net outfits and panties and get undressed in the car. Sitting outside the venue, whilst undoing my jeans and shirt, I noticed the number of cars outside. I felt slightly apprehensive and my blood was pumping, all over.

I walked in to the venue and was met by the host. She was the owner and requested I showed her my ID, they made a copy of a utility bill and asked that I fill in a form with a few details. I’d never known to be so intense in terms of security at a sex event but ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’.

They then showed me around 1st the reception area. There were a few single men standing there eying me up. I proceeded to follow her to the private play rooms. All with leather mattresses, all quite small with locks on and wooden walls, as the venue was an old converted barn. Red lights were glowing  through out and I walked down one corridor with a hole in the wall. When looking through the glass I could see a woman getting fucked so hard by a man and screaming. 3 or 4 guys stood around staring at the action.

I walked through the disco room and couldn’t help looking at the women wearing sexy leather outfits. They were hot, with breasts on show and gyrating against the pole. I continued our tour up the stairs to what felt like the fetish room (with a camera that was watched by couples outside). In the room there were sections for couples to fuck and to join in and large sex toys, dildos, a swing and BDSM items.

I stayed and watched. After 5 minutes of sitting, drink in hand (you bring your own alcohol to Jay-dees) I heard a woman moaning and being fucked by her partner. A few minutes later, another joined and another and 2 more. In total there were four older men cumming all over her and one penetrating her, with the room watching this happening I was fixated. Part of me didn’t enjoy it however, it was uncomfortable to watch and the night took a turn from there. I felt a lot of pressure in Jay-Dees from the single men there, I was propositioned several times and asked to go into the private rooms but I couldn’t relax. It was tense environment with the only relaxing area being the Jacuzzi but with 3 or 4 single men watching my every move by now I felt reluctant to get naked and enter the pool.

So I took one more walk around the venue, confirmed it was not as elegant as one of my favourite spots, VA and I left. Upon leaving, I closed the doors and breathed a sigh of relief. Although it was a sexually charged venues, it felt forced and not as liberating and calm as other venues. Jay-Does felt like a members club and I wasn’t apart of the click.



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