D is for Doggy


Doggy style is one of my favourites, it can be either sexy and sensual or downright dirty……If you get it right.

Remember, there are several trigger points when doing it doggy. Whilst penetrating  from the behind, pay special attention to each of the following and your bound to make the pussy cum.

  • Nipples- if your doing it slow and gentle, caress the nipples tenderly. They’ll be sensitive at this point and will help bring her to orgasm. If your going for dirty, grab while fucking hard. The tight grip around her tits will let her know how much you want her and that in itself is a turn on.
  • Hips- Set the pace, hold her hips but when I say I really mean ‘hold’. The feeling of a man’s strong hands gives a woman pleasure and she will succumb to your motion.
  • Arse- The higher the arse the more fun. Not only will it feel deeper but it will make the pussy tighter. You could always try caressing or spanking the shit out of it, biting, spitting- or maybe I’m just getting carried away with what I like ; )

Remember you have good access to the whole body, from feet to hair. This is your chance to explore every last inch whilst inside her…


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