The Love Honey Magic Bullet


Uhh, gasp,…Hmmm…

Deep Breath.

I slide the bullet into my soaking vagina. Past my wet clit and deep into my warm pussy.  Low setting on. I feel the buzz hitting my inner walls and my legs start to twitch. I breath in deep and continue to push it deeper. The bullet I discover is the perfect size, I moan to myself as I lie on my bed and wrap my legs together for a stronger intensity.

Love Honey Magic Bullet

The truth is I was working. On my laptop completing a project when I received a sext from the man I was talking dirty to.

“I need you sitting on top of me, riding me, so you can feel every inch’…

I didn’t have his cock but I had my Love Honey Magic Bullet. So I pushed it in and started on the lowest setting. The more my clit and vagina were going crazy; the higher the setting I clicked, until the buzz of the vibration had my whole body shaking. It didn’t take long, until I climaxed. I put the Vibrator back in it’s little pouch and continued my day.

My review?…It was sexy, slick and did the job but I felt it was missing a bit of texture. Some roughage where you feel like you have the bumps and curves of a real cock inside you. I missed that feeling of tension and grit…But overall it did what I wanted it to, so I’m not complaining..

I’d simply say an 8/10.


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