E is for “Expect the Unexpected”

Sex, Hotel, Expect the Unexpected They often say that when you’re not thinking about something it comes about. That moment when you least expect it to occur, the most amazing experience will greet you. With sex, this couldn’t be truer. Always expect the unexpected…Always…

We were in the bar when I met him. It was just a Thursday evening, me and my girlfriends were having a drink and he walked over. He was in his work gear, a black T-shirt and orange hi-vis trousers. With a smile that instantly made you feel at ease, he approached me and started to make conversation. M was a construction worker from up north and he was in town for a contract role. They were staying at the local hotel and had come to the pub from a few drinks. 2 hours and 5 or 6 rounds later their group were drunk but he still had that warm friendly feeling and soon became very touchy feeling, giving me hugs and cheeky pecks on the cheek as he whispered in my ear. I never expected to me him, I didn’t know what was going to happen, it was a Thursday night he was here from out of town but my instincts told me it was going to be a night to remember. I liked him and could feel myself getting more and more attracted to his whole demeanour. He was a show man, the life and soul but at the same time really acknowledged my presence- looking me deep in the eye as we spoke and not hiding that he wanted me. We were about to all leave when it started to kick off, with a few of the men in the pub having too much to drink and wanting trouble. M got in the middle of it, threatening to sort it out if they didn’t back down. Earlier he said he’d done time in prison for fighting and didn’t want to go back there so my group and I did our best to calm him down. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the crowd behind a van. I was so turned on by now by my first impression, talk of prison and his aggression that I wanted him closer. I wanted more. He listened to me as I asked him to go back to the hotel because the police were called. Tipsy but in high spirits, we walked to the double room and turned off the lights and watched from the window as the police turned up and started to look for him and his friends. As we were looking he started talking softy to me and I could feel his warm breath up against my neck, he then started to rub my leg with his gentle hands. I had goosebumps and could feel myself starting to get wet and turned on. He got undressed and as he took his top of I could see the shape of his toned figure and the muscles in every part of his body from his arms to his calves. He wasn’t a body builder or anything of the like but he was strong and I could feel my knickers getting wetter. I sat on the bed and he took my jeans off, unbuttoning them slowly and looking me in the eye as he did. Once they were off, he slowly pulled my knickers down. He then opened my legs, and put his tongue in my pussy. Licking and sucking and playing. I arched my back and lifted my arse up higher to get more of him in me, it felt so good I couldn’t be quiet and moaned and groaned at the pleasure I was feeling. It was so selfless. He wanted to see me feeling good and it turned him on more. His dick was getting harder and harder and I could see that look in his eye, that he wanted to penetrate me but still he played. Still he teased and I was at his every whim. Kissing my whole body, everywhere. My neck, my hands, my arms, my inner thighs. I then went down on him, sucking his cock with the same level of attentiveness he had given to my pussy. I wanted to make him feel the same, I wanted the sex to be explosive and knew the more turned on we both felt the more the sex would be mind blowing. And then it happened. He held my hands down above my head and gyrated his hips, in such a sultry, sexual way. He slid his dick deep inside me and I gasped at the feeling of his rock hard shaft inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grinded with him. I was shouting his name as we changed from doggy, to missionary, from the bed to the desk. I was in heaven. Wanting him more and more. We stopped at one stage for an half an hour, just whilst he held me tight, stroked my hair and stroked my arms and then we started again. It was about 4am when he fell asleep. I picked up my knickers, bra, clothes and got dressed in the bathroom. I put my hair in a ponytail, checked my reflection in the mirror and picked up my car keys. I took one look at him and smiled to myself as I thought about how the random nights are often the best, and the most amazing sex usually comes about when it’s not pre-empted. ‘Expect the Unexpected’ I laughed to myself as I gently closed the hotel room door, carefully.

‘Expect the Unexpected’.

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