Medusa Lodge


3.30am, I had visited most venues across the City of Birmingham and needed a new location, something less clubby, more of a calmer atmosphere and a place I could people watch. I wasn’t ready to head back to the hotel yet and I felt as though I was lacking in some type of sexual fix.

I walked across the road to to head to of the Gay bars, when I noticed the Medusa Lodge door sign. The burly security men stood outside and I approached them, with a friend to ask what the venue was. “A strip club, £10 entry each for you and your friend, last entry 4am”. My friend and I looked at each other and without uttering a word knew it was where we both wanted to be. We paid the entrance and the doormen opened the big, heavy doors to let us in.

What was behind those doors, I did not expect. A rich and warm room, with a dark red and velvet interior and dim chandeliers. To the left of me a small stage, with a pole centred in the middle and lights surrounding the platform and hip hop and RnB playing music in the background. It was very quiet, with around 8-10  customers and a few of the bar team and floor team in the large room.

It wasn’t the interior of the floor staff who caught my attention however, it was the girls and I couldn’t help but be transfixed. One of them, a mixed race girl, wearing only a red detailed bra and g string was leaning over the bar whilst I ordered my glass of Prosecco. She had her butt cheeks spread wide and was moving along to the sound of the music. Her arse was amazing and her wide hips and thighs.

She smiled and said hello, whilst I proceeded to sit in one of the large chairs and anticipate the next pole dance. Whilst we were waiting, one of the dancers came over to introduce herself. She had a strong London accent and was incredibly sexy. She wore baby pick lingerie and she kept touching my inner leg as she spoke to me. Leaning in closer and closer and looking me in the eye, she was encapsulating and beautiful. She offered us a dance each and we went over to the cash point (by the entrance) to get some money.

The machine didn’t work but by this point, D had taken her position on the stage for her performance. Dancing on the pole, she was mesmerising. Her figure, demeanour, the way she slid down the pole with her legs wrapped around it was so sexual and I couldn’t help but watch her. She undid her bra and teased her nipples, revealing them at the end of the dance. Walking off the stage she held her bra across her chest and tip toed back to the DJ area to get dressed again.

Whilst this was happening, I’d made friends with one of the guys in the bar. He ordered me a drink and was filling me in on how it all works. “£20 for a dance (lasting from 1min to a whole song) is what the dancers charge. They give you their full attention so that they want you and then continue to tease with a dance, if you don’t have a dance when you’re in the venue, they can get very offended”.  If you want more than a dance,  there was the option for the Naughty 40 room on the balcony. “£40 and you can feel their breasts” he said. “The dance still lasts the same amount of time but you get more action”. We had a chat, continued to watch the girls flirting and teasing the male customers and after around an hour of being in the venue we called it a night.

Later on, around 5am, J called me and asked me to see him. I wanted something from the shop, so he picked me up from outside out hotel in his white Aldi and took me to the local off license. When parked up outside the side street, he started to give me a back massage and told me how good he was with his tongue and whether I wanted it in between my legs. It had been a long day at this point and a long week. I smiled, politely, took the snacks he just brought me and said good night.

It’s not often I decline such a tempting invitation but my head was so in the clouds with the girls at Medusa that for some reason J just didn’t tickle my fancy.


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