F is for French Knickers




I went away this weekend, a rave with a friend and we both ended up getting to the hotel at around 5am. Sitting in the lobby and a group of lads came over to introduce themselves. They played Rugby and were from Wales and there was one in particular who caught my eye, I’ll nickname him L for the purpose of the blog.

We all ended up in L’s bedroom. Me,  my friend, L and half the Rugby team. After an hour of talking I felt bored, so me and my mate went back to our room to sleep. A few minutes after gossiping and resting our heads, the door knocked and L walked in. He was so drunk by now and came into the room and sat on the bed. He was talking so much that my friend fell asleep and then I did too. the next thing I know there were three of us in the bed and L was spooning me. 

I didn’t expect anything. Why would I? There had been no flirting or connection between L and I, although I did admit to my friend earlier in the night that he was cute.  So when he started to rub his hands on my lacy french knickers it was the last thing I expected. He woke up me up with the circular motions he was making over my clit, it felt so good I couldn’t help but move in closer to him. 

It was when he pushed his hard cock against my arse and moved my french knickers aside to push his fingers into my now juicy pussy that I wanted him inside me and whispered for us to go into the bathroom. 

When we were in the pitch black bathroom he ripped a hole in my lace knickers and entered me from behind with one swift movement. He had quite a small build but his penis was so wide and I could feel his girth stretching me wide as he bent me over the sink. 

As my friend was sleeping next door, we kept the noise to a minimum and it added to the sexual tension. He was aware that we had to be quiet and as I gasped upon his entering me- he put his hand over my mouth. We changed positions and he sat down in the shower cubicle and I straddled him slowly, taking his cock inside me. I orgasmed so hard as I was riding him. He was sucking my nipples and making circular motions on my clit- so softly and attentively.

I stood up to change positions and he went down on me, making his way up my legs, kissing me from the bottom of my leg to the top and using his tongue to pleasure me. Whilst he was licking me out he was doing circular motions over my arse hole, making me more turned on and I couldn’t help but get lost in our fast paced actions. 

He was begging me to put my mouth over his cock but I only wanted him inside of me I got on all fours and in one breath taking movement he entered me again. 

After he licked me out, I heard my phone ringing. Knowing my friend was asleep and not wanting to disturb her, I quickly walked out the room to answer it.  A brief conversation later I returned and he demanded me to get on all fours. I could tell he was ready to cum by this point. 

He penetrated me, this time passionate and hard-  holding my hair and fucking me until we both orgasmed together. 

We both got back into bed as if nothing happened as my friend lay sleeping. 

A few hours later he kissed me goodbye and left the room. I shut the door behind him and glanced in the bathroom.

On the floor, I noticed my ripped French Knickers, I laughed at what was left of them, afterall it’s not every night you get to fuck a Rugby player.

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