Delve into the mind of a woman who knows what she wants, what she likes and what she needs. Unravel my inner secrets and allow me to share the sex tips that make my body tingle. From erotic adventure to my intimate bedroom sessions, nothing goes unhidden and don’t forget….
Just because I tell you my sex tips,
It doesn’t mean you can’t share yours…

F is for French Knickers




I went away this weekend, a rave with a friend and we both ended up getting to the hotel at around 5am. Sitting in the lobby and a group of lads came over to introduce themselves. They played Rugby and were from Wales and there was one in particular who caught my eye, I’ll nickname him L for the purpose of the blog.

We all ended up in L’s bedroom. Me,  my friend, L and half the Rugby team. After an hour of talking I felt bored, so me and my mate went back to our room to sleep. A few minutes after gossiping and resting our heads, the door knocked and L walked in. He was so drunk by now and came into the room and sat on the bed. He was talking so much that my friend fell asleep and then I did too. the next thing I know there were three of us in the bed and L was spooning me. 

I didn’t expect anything. Why would I? There had been no flirting or connection between L and I, although I did admit to my friend earlier in the night that he was cute.  So when he started to rub his hands on my lacy french knickers it was the last thing I expected. He woke up me up with the circular motions he was making over my clit, it felt so good I couldn’t help but move in closer to him. 

It was when he pushed his hard cock against my arse and moved my french knickers aside to push his fingers into my now juicy pussy that I wanted him inside me and whispered for us to go into the bathroom. 

When we were in the pitch black bathroom he ripped a hole in my lace knickers and entered me from behind with one swift movement. He had quite a small build but his penis was so wide and I could feel his girth stretching me wide as he bent me over the sink. 

As my friend was sleeping next door, we kept the noise to a minimum and it added to the sexual tension. He was aware that we had to be quiet and as I gasped upon his entering me- he put his hand over my mouth. We changed positions and he sat down in the shower cubicle and I straddled him slowly, taking his cock inside me. I orgasmed so hard as I was riding him. He was sucking my nipples and making circular motions on my clit- so softly and attentively.

I stood up to change positions and he went down on me, making his way up my legs, kissing me from the bottom of my leg to the top and using his tongue to pleasure me. Whilst he was licking me out he was doing circular motions over my arse hole, making me more turned on and I couldn’t help but get lost in our fast paced actions. 

He was begging me to put my mouth over his cock but I only wanted him inside of me I got on all fours and in one breath taking movement he entered me again. 

After he licked me out, I heard my phone ringing. Knowing my friend was asleep and not wanting to disturb her, I quickly walked out the room to answer it.  A brief conversation later I returned and he demanded me to get on all fours. I could tell he was ready to cum by this point. 

He penetrated me, this time passionate and hard-  holding my hair and fucking me until we both orgasmed together. 

We both got back into bed as if nothing happened as my friend lay sleeping. 

A few hours later he kissed me goodbye and left the room. I shut the door behind him and glanced in the bathroom.

On the floor, I noticed my ripped French Knickers, I laughed at what was left of them, afterall it’s not every night you get to fuck a Rugby player.

Medusa Lodge


3.30am, I had visited most venues across the City of Birmingham and needed a new location, something less clubby, more of a calmer atmosphere and a place I could people watch. I wasn’t ready to head back to the hotel yet and I felt as though I was lacking in some type of sexual fix.

I walked across the road to to head to of the Gay bars, when I noticed the Medusa Lodge door sign. The burly security men stood outside and I approached them, with a friend to ask what the venue was. “A strip club, £10 entry each for you and your friend, last entry 4am”. My friend and I looked at each other and without uttering a word knew it was where we both wanted to be. We paid the entrance and the doormen opened the big, heavy doors to let us in.

What was behind those doors, I did not expect. A rich and warm room, with a dark red and velvet interior and dim chandeliers. To the left of me a small stage, with a pole centred in the middle and lights surrounding the platform and hip hop and RnB playing music in the background. It was very quiet, with around 8-10  customers and a few of the bar team and floor team in the large room.

It wasn’t the interior of the floor staff who caught my attention however, it was the girls and I couldn’t help but be transfixed. One of them, a mixed race girl, wearing only a red detailed bra and g string was leaning over the bar whilst I ordered my glass of Prosecco. She had her butt cheeks spread wide and was moving along to the sound of the music. Her arse was amazing and her wide hips and thighs.

She smiled and said hello, whilst I proceeded to sit in one of the large chairs and anticipate the next pole dance. Whilst we were waiting, one of the dancers came over to introduce herself. She had a strong London accent and was incredibly sexy. She wore baby pick lingerie and she kept touching my inner leg as she spoke to me. Leaning in closer and closer and looking me in the eye, she was encapsulating and beautiful. She offered us a dance each and we went over to the cash point (by the entrance) to get some money.

The machine didn’t work but by this point, D had taken her position on the stage for her performance. Dancing on the pole, she was mesmerising. Her figure, demeanour, the way she slid down the pole with her legs wrapped around it was so sexual and I couldn’t help but watch her. She undid her bra and teased her nipples, revealing them at the end of the dance. Walking off the stage she held her bra across her chest and tip toed back to the DJ area to get dressed again.

Whilst this was happening, I’d made friends with one of the guys in the bar. He ordered me a drink and was filling me in on how it all works. “£20 for a dance (lasting from 1min to a whole song) is what the dancers charge. They give you their full attention so that they want you and then continue to tease with a dance, if you don’t have a dance when you’re in the venue, they can get very offended”.  If you want more than a dance,  there was the option for the Naughty 40 room on the balcony. “£40 and you can feel their breasts” he said. “The dance still lasts the same amount of time but you get more action”. We had a chat, continued to watch the girls flirting and teasing the male customers and after around an hour of being in the venue we called it a night.

Later on, around 5am, J called me and asked me to see him. I wanted something from the shop, so he picked me up from outside out hotel in his white Aldi and took me to the local off license. When parked up outside the side street, he started to give me a back massage and told me how good he was with his tongue and whether I wanted it in between my legs. It had been a long day at this point and a long week. I smiled, politely, took the snacks he just brought me and said good night.

It’s not often I decline such a tempting invitation but my head was so in the clouds with the girls at Medusa that for some reason J just didn’t tickle my fancy.


E is for “Expect the Unexpected”

Sex, Hotel, Expect the Unexpected They often say that when you’re not thinking about something it comes about. That moment when you least expect it to occur, the most amazing experience will greet you. With sex, this couldn’t be truer. Always expect the unexpected…Always…

We were in the bar when I met him. It was just a Thursday evening, me and my girlfriends were having a drink and he walked over. He was in his work gear, a black T-shirt and orange hi-vis trousers. With a smile that instantly made you feel at ease, he approached me and started to make conversation. M was a construction worker from up north and he was in town for a contract role. They were staying at the local hotel and had come to the pub from a few drinks. 2 hours and 5 or 6 rounds later their group were drunk but he still had that warm friendly feeling and soon became very touchy feeling, giving me hugs and cheeky pecks on the cheek as he whispered in my ear. I never expected to me him, I didn’t know what was going to happen, it was a Thursday night he was here from out of town but my instincts told me it was going to be a night to remember. I liked him and could feel myself getting more and more attracted to his whole demeanour. He was a show man, the life and soul but at the same time really acknowledged my presence- looking me deep in the eye as we spoke and not hiding that he wanted me. We were about to all leave when it started to kick off, with a few of the men in the pub having too much to drink and wanting trouble. M got in the middle of it, threatening to sort it out if they didn’t back down. Earlier he said he’d done time in prison for fighting and didn’t want to go back there so my group and I did our best to calm him down. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the crowd behind a van. I was so turned on by now by my first impression, talk of prison and his aggression that I wanted him closer. I wanted more. He listened to me as I asked him to go back to the hotel because the police were called. Tipsy but in high spirits, we walked to the double room and turned off the lights and watched from the window as the police turned up and started to look for him and his friends. As we were looking he started talking softy to me and I could feel his warm breath up against my neck, he then started to rub my leg with his gentle hands. I had goosebumps and could feel myself starting to get wet and turned on. He got undressed and as he took his top of I could see the shape of his toned figure and the muscles in every part of his body from his arms to his calves. He wasn’t a body builder or anything of the like but he was strong and I could feel my knickers getting wetter. I sat on the bed and he took my jeans off, unbuttoning them slowly and looking me in the eye as he did. Once they were off, he slowly pulled my knickers down. He then opened my legs, and put his tongue in my pussy. Licking and sucking and playing. I arched my back and lifted my arse up higher to get more of him in me, it felt so good I couldn’t be quiet and moaned and groaned at the pleasure I was feeling. It was so selfless. He wanted to see me feeling good and it turned him on more. His dick was getting harder and harder and I could see that look in his eye, that he wanted to penetrate me but still he played. Still he teased and I was at his every whim. Kissing my whole body, everywhere. My neck, my hands, my arms, my inner thighs. I then went down on him, sucking his cock with the same level of attentiveness he had given to my pussy. I wanted to make him feel the same, I wanted the sex to be explosive and knew the more turned on we both felt the more the sex would be mind blowing. And then it happened. He held my hands down above my head and gyrated his hips, in such a sultry, sexual way. He slid his dick deep inside me and I gasped at the feeling of his rock hard shaft inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grinded with him. I was shouting his name as we changed from doggy, to missionary, from the bed to the desk. I was in heaven. Wanting him more and more. We stopped at one stage for an half an hour, just whilst he held me tight, stroked my hair and stroked my arms and then we started again. It was about 4am when he fell asleep. I picked up my knickers, bra, clothes and got dressed in the bathroom. I put my hair in a ponytail, checked my reflection in the mirror and picked up my car keys. I took one look at him and smiled to myself as I thought about how the random nights are often the best, and the most amazing sex usually comes about when it’s not pre-empted. ‘Expect the Unexpected’ I laughed to myself as I gently closed the hotel room door, carefully.

‘Expect the Unexpected’.

The Love Honey Magic Bullet


Uhh, gasp,…Hmmm…

Deep Breath.

I slide the bullet into my soaking vagina. Past my wet clit and deep into my warm pussy.  Low setting on. I feel the buzz hitting my inner walls and my legs start to twitch. I breath in deep and continue to push it deeper. The bullet I discover is the perfect size, I moan to myself as I lie on my bed and wrap my legs together for a stronger intensity.

Love Honey Magic Bullet

The truth is I was working. On my laptop completing a project when I received a sext from the man I was talking dirty to.

“I need you sitting on top of me, riding me, so you can feel every inch’…

I didn’t have his cock but I had my Love Honey Magic Bullet. So I pushed it in and started on the lowest setting. The more my clit and vagina were going crazy; the higher the setting I clicked, until the buzz of the vibration had my whole body shaking. It didn’t take long, until I climaxed. I put the Vibrator back in it’s little pouch and continued my day.

My review?…It was sexy, slick and did the job but I felt it was missing a bit of texture. Some roughage where you feel like you have the bumps and curves of a real cock inside you. I missed that feeling of tension and grit…But overall it did what I wanted it to, so I’m not complaining..

I’d simply say an 8/10.


D is for Doggy


Doggy style is one of my favourites, it can be either sexy and sensual or downright dirty……If you get it right.

Remember, there are several trigger points when doing it doggy. Whilst penetrating  from the behind, pay special attention to each of the following and your bound to make the pussy cum.

  • Nipples- if your doing it slow and gentle, caress the nipples tenderly. They’ll be sensitive at this point and will help bring her to orgasm. If your going for dirty, grab while fucking hard. The tight grip around her tits will let her know how much you want her and that in itself is a turn on.
  • Hips- Set the pace, hold her hips but when I say I really mean ‘hold’. The feeling of a man’s strong hands gives a woman pleasure and she will succumb to your motion.
  • Arse- The higher the arse the more fun. Not only will it feel deeper but it will make the pussy tighter. You could always try caressing or spanking the shit out of it, biting, spitting- or maybe I’m just getting carried away with what I like ; )

Remember you have good access to the whole body, from feet to hair. This is your chance to explore every last inch whilst inside her…


C is for Clit

Wet, soaking wet and throbbing. When I’m turned on, my clit will let you know about it. If you touch it, I’ll be tender so please play nicely. A few men I’ve fucked have this habit of thinking the harder they finger me, the happier my vagina will be be. Big mistake. It doesn’t work like that and that’s the case for most women. After playing for some time the Clit gets more and more tender. To the degree it stings if you apply too much pressure.

However, I’ll let you know a secret…. if you play gently it will spurt like a water fountain. The trick is to tease it. So softly, with your tongue or your finger- caress it gently like a rose petal that you want to nurture with your finger or when you lick the icing of the top of the cake. Nice and gentle and my pussy will be pulsating. It will want more and more until I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, until you leave me in a puddle of my own juices…

and then attend to another area of my body….





I hadn’t planned to get to Jay-Dees so late. I was running against the clock so decided to grab my fish net outfits and panties and get undressed in the car. Sitting outside the venue, whilst undoing my jeans and shirt, I noticed the number of cars outside. I felt slightly apprehensive and my blood was pumping, all over.

I walked in to the venue and was met by the host. She was the owner and requested I showed her my ID, they made a copy of a utility bill and asked that I fill in a form with a few details. I’d never known to be so intense in terms of security at a sex event but ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’.

They then showed me around 1st the reception area. There were a few single men standing there eying me up. I proceeded to follow her to the private play rooms. All with leather mattresses, all quite small with locks on and wooden walls, as the venue was an old converted barn. Red lights were glowing  through out and I walked down one corridor with a hole in the wall. When looking through the glass I could see a woman getting fucked so hard by a man and screaming. 3 or 4 guys stood around staring at the action.

I walked through the disco room and couldn’t help looking at the women wearing sexy leather outfits. They were hot, with breasts on show and gyrating against the pole. I continued our tour up the stairs to what felt like the fetish room (with a camera that was watched by couples outside). In the room there were sections for couples to fuck and to join in and large sex toys, dildos, a swing and BDSM items.

I stayed and watched. After 5 minutes of sitting, drink in hand (you bring your own alcohol to Jay-dees) I heard a woman moaning and being fucked by her partner. A few minutes later, another joined and another and 2 more. In total there were four older men cumming all over her and one penetrating her, with the room watching this happening I was fixated. Part of me didn’t enjoy it however, it was uncomfortable to watch and the night took a turn from there. I felt a lot of pressure in Jay-Dees from the single men there, I was propositioned several times and asked to go into the private rooms but I couldn’t relax. It was tense environment with the only relaxing area being the Jacuzzi but with 3 or 4 single men watching my every move by now I felt reluctant to get naked and enter the pool.

So I took one more walk around the venue, confirmed it was not as elegant as one of my favourite spots, VA and I left. Upon leaving, I closed the doors and breathed a sigh of relief. Although it was a sexually charged venues, it felt forced and not as liberating and calm as other venues. Jay-Does felt like a members club and I wasn’t apart of the click.


A is for Anal….

“Lay on your front and hold your ass cheeks apart, so I can fuck your tight hole.” 



Is what he text me. I got wet, in an instant. Anal sex is that taboo that no one likes to talk about but deep down everybody wants. Unless you’ve felt the deep throbbing of his cock in your tight hole, you don’t know good it is and the truth is, I love it.  

But how do you ask a woman to take it up the arse? How do you politely drop the topic into conversation over afternoon tea. The tip is, don’t complicate it. Start testing the parameters by experimenting during sex. First with your finger, put it in her mouth whilst your going hard at it and make sure its wet and slippery. When grabbing her cheeks and pulling her closer, gently massage the anal hole with your finger- the outside at first. If she doesn’t like it, you will know about it. Either she will move your hand or change position. If she doesn’t, you’re in. Continue to play and gradually penetrate the hole with your finger. She will like it, its naughty, its different, its exciting and it feels fucking good. If she doesn’t like it maybe drop it into conversation the next time you are having an intimate discussion and ask her why. That way you’ll know your parameters. Continue to push your finger deep in the the arse hole whilst fucking and her  orgasm will be out of this world. 

If she cums, you are one step closer to entering the taboo Zone and having your dick inside her hole…But always ask. The next time you have sex place the woman in the doggy position and massage her hips whilst leaning in close to her ear and whispering ‘Can I put it in, not the usual place’…

You will get your answer.

Top Tip*** Double Dipping**

You don’t need any lube if you double dip. Fuck the Vagina, get covered in juice and then penetrate the arse hole. Voila; you just double dipped.

B is for Blow job


Some people think a blow job is all about him. Give the man pleasure, with his cock in your mouth and do what you can until he cums. I know different. Take ownership, be in control and you will feel so turned on you can be just as close to orgasm as he is…

Take note of the following and don’t forget its as much about you enjoying it as it is him…

-Hold the base of his cock

-Slowly make your way down with your mouth

-While coming back up to his tip move your hand up (twisting and sucking together)

-Use your hand slowly up and down his shaft while teasing his end with your tongue. Its all about the tease!

-Always keep your hand and his balls wet. Either with your saliva or lubricant. I find there’s only so much saliva I have, as I like to take my time. So try a nice tasting lubricant, I love the Cherry flavoured Durex gel from Superdrug, Suck the whole tub dry…